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“Our company needed an experienced vendor to assist with building and programming the dynamic content for emails to be sent through the ExactTarget system. Altaf and his staff were extremely knowledgeable, responsive and helpful with completing our project. They fully understand the digital email requirements and ExactTarget system.”

Christine Buggy
Director of Marketing, Travelex

We understand the nature of email marketing in all of its intricate details. In the not-so-distant past, part of having an effective email program included a variety of repetitive, time-consuming daily tasks that had to be managed manually. With Salesforce’s Automation Studio and Journey Builder, all that has changed.

ListEngage can show you how to automate those once-manual tasks so you can move on to more important things – like growing your subscriber list and nurturing the customers you already have.  Automation will enable your marketing staff to save countless hours each week, allowing more time for fine-tuning your marketing strategies and messaging.

Automation Studio

Automation Studio is a Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) application used to execute marketing automations on an immediate or scheduled basis. Automation Studio provides a workflow canvas upon which you drag-and-drop activities to build simple or multi-step automations. You can even build complex automations based on a previous version and get a streamlined view of each automation and its status using the Dashboard.

In Automation Studio, Activities perform specific actions, such as transferring or extracting data or sending an email. The following activities are available to all users of Automation Studio: Data Extract, Filter, File Import, Group Refresh, Report Definition, SQL Query, Send Email, Transfer File, and Wait. The following add-ons are also available: Fire Event and Send Salesforce Email. For details on each of these features, please see the following ExactTarget Wiki Help page.

Journey Builder

Journey Builder is a powerful campaign planning tool that empowers marketers to design and automate responsive campaigns. Journey Builder’s straightforward drag-and-drop interface lets marketers build comprehensive multi-channel campaigns to guide customers through every step of their journey with a specific brand.

The foundation of a campaign in Journey Builder is based on customer “Interactions.” Interactions include “Activities” set by the marketer that instruct the Marketing Cloud to communicate to an individual “Contact” based on his or her actions throughout each stage of the journey.

By tailoring every part of the journey to respond to each customer’s behavior, you create a truly unique, individual experience with your brand and products. Journey Builder allows you to deliver timely, relevant content that reaches customers on the channel and in the manner of their choosing. With real-time tracking and testing, you are able to modify your messaging and tactics to maximize reach.

For more information, please see the Journey Builder page on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud website.

ListEngage Provides Superior Automation Expertise

Our team of experts at ListEngage has years of proven experience and success with Automation Studio and Journey Builder. In fact, we are one of the few Salesforce Partners who have the expertise to create and implement complex customer journeys using Journey Builder.

Reclaim your time and resources! Contact ListEngage today and let us show you how adding automation to your digital marketing efforts can actually save you time and money in the long run.

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Marketing Automation Expertise:

Here are a few automation scenarios:

  • Import and Extract data files between the SFMC and FTP server
  • Import and Export subscriber data between SFMC and CRM platforms
  • Group refreshes and subscriber filters
  • Email series sent over a course of days, weeks or months
  • Annual reminders, birthday greetings, etc.
  • Journeys that respond to a customer’s behavior throughout the purchase lifecycle
  • Triggered emails based on consumer action outside of the SFMC
  • Drip marketing and nurture series
  • Shopping cart abandonment reminders
  • Retargeting campaigns
  • Targeted campaigns based on geography, purchase history, etc.
  • Service follow-up messages
  • Dynamic content based on customer preference

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