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“Altaf and the whole ListEngage team has been a trusted partner in establishing email marketing, list building, and social media as new corporate communications strengths. They are really skilled, have good ideas, and have been very accommodating of special requirements.”

– Dave Wieneke
Digital Strategy Practice Director, ISITE Design

Nurturing the relationships with your existing customers is critical to the long term success of your business. Equally important is ensuring your customer base maintains steady growth. Poorly-kept or stagnate email lists can dramatically reduce the success of your email marketing and result in losing potential customers.

ListEngage has a very effective, finely-tuned process for cleaning up existing lists that are volatile and helping you grow your subscriber lists.

Let’s start by talking about list quality.


List attrition is simply a reduction in the size of your subscriber database. Two of the most common causes of list attrition are unsubscribes and undelivered emails. Emails that can’t be delivered are categorized into Soft Bounces and Hard Bounces.

  • A Soft Bounce indicates a temporary delivery failure. The receiving email server recognized the email address, but the message couldn’t reach the recipient’s inbox – perhaps because the inbox was full. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud attempts to send the email several times before turning a Soft Bounce into a Hard Bounce.
  • A Hard Bounce is an email that couldn’t be delivered for permanent reasons – such as, it no longer exists.

With both Soft and Hard Bounces, the recipient’s mail server will generally send a “return to sender” message explaining why it bounced.


A high bounce rate can indicate an unhealthy list. Permission-based marketing generally produces active and engaged subscribers who are less likely to bounce, because the email addresses have been tested. A high bounce rate may indicate a list that wasn’t opted in properly or one that hasn’t been maintained.

If your bounce rates regularly surpass the industry standard of 2%, it’s time to call ListEngage to help you research why!


Protecting your company’s sender reputation is critical to your ability to send emails and not get them flagged as SPAM. Every IP Address is assigned a Sender Score. The Sender Score is an indication of how trustworthy your sender IP address is. You can see how your IP address scores at

In a study conducted by Return Path, the higher the score the better the Inbox Placement Rate (IPR). The IPR range considered acceptable is 71-100 with 98-100 being ideal. A sender score of 71-80 generally showed a 58% email deliverability rate whereas a score of 95 and above had 92-98% deliverability rates. Strive for an IPR of at least 91 to most consistently reach your targets and minimize spam complaints.


The email list cleansing process involves taking a group of potentially volatile email addresses and filtering out the ones most likely to generate SPAM complaints.

ListEngage has a very effective process for cleaning lists and salvaging the email addresses that still present value for your company. We start by composing a friendly, text-only message (ideally one that includes a free offer) and email it to each address on your list one-at-a-time using your company’s email server. Our team starts with 200 emails per day, monitoring bounces and unsubscribes. Then, we increase the number of sends per day until a safe maximum is reached. This protects the integrity of your IP Sender Reputation.

Depending on how many email addresses were on the original list, this process could take a few weeks or several months. But, once all bounces and unsubscribes have been removed, you’re left with a clean list you can filter back into your regular email marketing campaigns.


The process for mining new email addresses from the worldwide web is similar. Only, this time, we are looking for people who have not previously opted in to receive messages from you. We highly recommend offering something of value for “free” to encourage opt-ins.

The process goes something like this:

  • Using information already available on the web, we search for email addresses to whom it makes sense to send an initial request, based on criteria you provide.
  • Again, we develop a simple, friendly message asking for permission to share occasional information we feel they would find beneficial.
  • They can “opt-out” from receiving further emails.
  • If they do not opt out, they are added to a list for further engagement.

In all the years we have been using these highly-effective list-cleansing and data-mining methods, we have found that this process generates very few unsubscribes.


Do you have email lists that are causing your company headaches? Are you having problems with higher-than-average bounces or unsubscribes? Contact ListEngage today and let’s discuss the options you have to clean up and grow your subscriber lists!

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Improve Email Deliverability:

  • Strive for a sender score of 91 or greater.
  • Get permission to send. Opt-in every subscriber.
  • Provide an easy way to unsubscribe.
  • Practice good list hygiene and clean up bad addresses.
  • Have a strong onboarding process.
  • Invite subscriber feedback.
  • Provide subscribers with a preference center.
  • Make sure messages are relevant.
  • Don’t email too frequently. Messages should be timely and have value.
  • Use clean HTML code and test emails before sending.
  • Emails should be mobile responsive.

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