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The goal of marketing is to reach customers at the moments that most influence their decisions. With the Internet, consumers have immediate access to information and the ability to conduct their own product research. Today’s consumers are very savvy. And, they don’t like to wait. Single emails should no longer be relied upon to engage and retain the loyalty of modern consumers. Rather, they are looking for experiences that will fulfill needs or wants at a moment’s notice.

Enter in the concept of the Customer Journey. As the term indicates, the journey is about the customer – not the product. The product or service is merely a means by which someone’s life can be improved or made more enjoyable. To be able to anticipate the needs and desires of customers, marketers must first know their stories and then design the journey around them.

Journey Builder is an application on the Salesforce Marketing Cloud that is used for creating responsive, personalized, automated, multi-channel campaigns that connect with customers at just the right moments of the lifecycle. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to visualize and map the path of each customer’s journey with your brand.

The team at ListEngage is highly experienced in Salesforce Journey Builder and can work with your team to implement a strategy that will not only engage but encourage loyalty among your customers and prospects.


The foundation of a campaign in Journey Builder is based on customer “Interactions.” Interactions include “Activities” set by the marketer that instruct the Marketing Cloud to communicate to an individual “Contact” based on his or her actions throughout each stage of the journey.

Before you can begin creating an Interaction, your Salesforce Marketing Cloud account must be provisioned to support Journey Builder, and the following components must be in place:

  • A Sendable Data Extension into which contacts will be imported
  • Channel Content (Email, SMS, Push Notifications, etc.)
  • Contacts data model in Contact Builder
  • Event Data Source identified (often a data extension)
  • Entry Event set up

Some of these items may require a technical expert to setup (which is something the staff at ListEngage can help you with). Once the above prerequisites have been completed, you can unite these elements with Canvas Activities to create an Interaction. For more details, see Getting Started With Journey Builder in the ExactTarget help documentation.


The map below will give you an idea of what a journey might look like. In this instance, we have an Onboarding series of emails that is targeting various segments of the monthly subscriber list. The first segment (in this case, anyone who subscribed in the month of August) receives an email on Day 1. An email recipient has 14 days to interact with the email (in this case, opening it). If the email is not opened, that subscriber receives a second email. Then, if after one more day the email remains unopened, the journey ends for that subscriber.

However, if the subscriber opens the email any time within the first 14 days, he or she is taken to the next series of emails and the journey continues based on that subscriber’s interactions with each consecutive email. If the subscriber interacts with every email, the journey finally ends after three weeks with a total of three emails having reached the intended recipient.
The journey below continues with each new targeted segment (in this case, each new month).



Consumers lead busy lives, and they don’t necessarily “want” to interact with an organization. Rather, they have goals and needs in their lives that “lead” them to interact with the business or organization that best serves their needs at a given time. Understanding this can help marketers focus on building a journey that makes those interactions as pleasant and helpful as possible so that the brand stays top of mind.

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Journey Builder Experience:

Provide a seamless experience for your customers with Journey Builder.

  • Create personalized experiences at scale.
  • Map the customer journey and prioritize every step of your strategy.
  • Start conversations based on real-time interactions.
  • Test variations of content, channel, timing and frequency.
  • Automatically monitor and respond to customers.
  • Connect your apps, products and spaces.
  • Leverage data from any source.
  • Automate internal journeys for employees.
  • Create new Salesforce contacts, leads, cases and tasks.

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