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Today’s consumers are very savvy. They know what they want, when they want it and have already identified a preferred channel.. Yesterday’s one-off emails just don’t cut it anymore. Companies have to be able to deliver highly-personalized messages and offers in real-time, or the consumer will move on to someone else.

ListEngage takes you beyond linear email campaigns and helps you create the highly-personalized “experiences” your customers want. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud has the tools you need to create an ongoing relationship with your customers, and ListEngage has the staff, expertise and strategies to help you effectively utilize those tools.

We work with you to distill the complexities of software selection and methodologies down to a streamlined plan – from list development, email design and deployment, all the way through to the final analysis. And, with our industry-leading deliverability rates and strong relationships with ISPs, your emails have a 99.9% chance of reaching your customers’ inboxes.

“We hired Altaf and ListEngage because of their broad and deep experience with ExactTarget … ExactTarget actually recommended Altaf and ListEngage to us as a more cost-effective approach than using ExactTarget’s consulting services. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Altaf and ListEngage to anyone that needs expert assistance with their outbound email efforts.”

-Jim Zimmermann
Director, Skillsoft

Here’s an overview of the process.

  1. Once assets have been provided or, if we are designing the emails, approved by the client, our team reviews them and sends them to one of our coders. They are then tested across multiple ESP’s and browsers. All emails and templates designed by ListEngage are mobile-responsive.
  2. A Solutions Architect reviews any programming needs or dynamic content logic and writes the queries, AMPScript, API calls, etc. that will be needed to import data from third-party sources, create personalization strings and automations.
  3. Concurrently, the team is also working with you to build your customer lists, data extensions, data filters, and segments..
  4. In the event of a series of emails, a campaign specialist will be building your campaigns through either Automation Studio or Journey Builder, depending on what was chosen for your account..
  5. The necessary exclusions or suppressions are set up to ensure all current unsubscribes are honored. ListEngage is very careful about honoring CanSPAM laws and customer opt-out requests.
  6. Throughout the process, we monitor data quality indicators and utilize quality control measures to ensure accuracy.
  7. ListEngage next sends a test email to any in-house contacts you specify for final edits and approval.
  8. Upon approval, the email is either deployed manually or through a pre-defined automation or Journey.

Additionally, our team can help you set up tracking and reporting, custom landing pages, microsites, the Salesforce CRM Connector and make sure the Marketing Cloud works with any other apps you may have purchased.

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Email Marketing Expertise:

  • Mobile-responsive design
  • /Automated emails and campaigns
  • List management and deliverability
  • Lifecycle campaigns and journeys
  • Email newsletters
  • Personalization
  • Customized templates
  • Dynamic content
  • Custom landing pages
  • Email auditing

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