Responsive Email Design

In Email Marketing by Altaf Shaikh

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Have you ever designed a flawless looking email on your computer only to have it look a mess on your iphone or blackberry?  This article on responsive email design clarifies what steps to take to correct this problem.

As more and more email is being read on mobile devices, we strive to find ways to make them look as good as possible in that environment. In web design, there has been a fairly new movement towards what is called “Responsive Design” which allows you to create one website that magically (by “magically” I mean after a ton of thought and work is put into it by designers and developers) reformats itself for optimal viewing on different devices. The same process can be applied to email design but like anything with email what might seem easy on the surface can be steeped with technical challenges.

One of the hottest trending terms in email marketing is responsive design, a form of design of your email marketing that will help you achieve better results on mobile devices. Let’s examine today what it is and the basics of it.

What is responsive design?

In a nutshell, it’s design that adapts itself to whatever is being used to view it. A responsive design, in theory, looks as good on a wall-sized super-HDTV as it does on your iPhone, and offers similar functionality.

The way Responsive Design works is by checking the width of the device’s viewport by using a line of code within the head tag called a “media query”.

Responsive design in itself isn’t anything new. If you’ve done any HTML in the past 15 years, you’ve made a table, and you’ve at some point specified that the table’s width should be 100% rather than a fixed number of pixels. That’s the most basic form of responsive design: show something at 100% of whatever you’re viewing it on.

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