Drip Campaign Don’ts

In Email Marketing by Stefanie Musich

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Drip campaigns take the set it and forget approach – which may seem a bit counter-intuitive when it comes to being proactive with subscribers and clients, but hear us out. They are the best way to keep a subscriber engaged over time, while not worrying about how many emails you have to send out. There are however tips and tricks to having a great email drip campaign.

I came across an interesting list of don’ts when it comes to drip marketing – and getting started. This is a list of 10 things to avoid for every excited marketer embarking on a new drip marketing journey on a newly acquired marketing automation platform. Afterall, tools are as good as processes defined and decisions made by the people behind it.

  1. Don’t keep dripping the prospects who are sales ready
  2. Don’t overlap the lists for different drip marketing tracks
  3. Don’t over-drip a prospect to annoy him/her- don’t give a chance to hit unsubscribe
  4. Don’t make the drip marketing template ‘salesy’ in content
  5. Don’t drip a contact who is not even remotely interested- don’t give a chance to hit spam
  6. Don’t repeat messages/themes in drip campaigns
  7. Don’t repeat HTML rich emails
  8. Don’t make it impersonal- as drip campaign is a series of emails, it is easy to get lost
  9. Don’t make a list too long – segment your list and have multiple drip marketing tracks
  10. Don’t just send a ‘Thank You’ email in drip campaign- attach interesting content to engage further

I think that the list above are great things to avoid to keep your campaign fresh, and to really use a set it and forget to your benefit. It’s all about making a subscriber seem that you are genuinely interested in them – and that you actually want their business, and not just to spam them.