B2B Marketers Can Learn from Consumer Email Practices

In Email Marketing by Altaf Shaikh

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What is the difference between business to business marketing and business to consumer marketing using email?  Answer: there is no difference. If you are approaching a client via email you must treat them as you would a potential consumer. This article Highlights 4 important notes that should stay fresh in the minds of all B2b marketers.

What can b2b marketers learn from the b-to-c world? A lot, according to Ryan Phelan VP-strategic services at BlueHornet Networks, an email service provider that caters to retailers and other b2b and b-to-c clients.

Phelan’s company earlier this month released a new report that focuses on consumers’ views of email marketing. The report, “Consumer Views of Email Marketing: A Revealing Look at How Consumers Use Email,” is based on video interviews of more than 1,000 consumers in the U.S. conducted  in February. Though it is a consumer-based survey,  many of the findings have implications for b2b marketers, he said.

“I always start a discussion about b2b marketing with a discussion about how email applies to the consumer,” he said. “That’s how we all learn to be online—as consumers—and we take that behavior with us into the business world.” Here are four key takeaways from the report and how b2b marketers can use them in their campaign planning.