Don’t Get Stuck in Blogging Limbo

In Content Marketing by Altaf Shaikh

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What do I blog about for my business? That’s the question on a lot of peoples minds when the subject arises – hours spent scouring the internet for the best ideas, and the inspiration for amazing blog posts. These things do not come easy, and they take some effort on the emarketer’s part.

In one of my scouring excursions I came across this article that provides 10 solid steps to point a newbie blogger in the right direction.

via Washington Times: Business owners, musicians, and even great web content writers have been stumped by the question, “What should I blog about?” While some may chalk their consternation up to classic writer’s block, the truth is that blogging isn’t only about solid writing. Nor is it only concerned about being interesting, informative, entertaining, addressing relevant topics, or promoting your business in a tactful and engaging manner.

No. It’s much worse than that. It’s all those things put together! And that, my friends, is what befuddles the average would-be blogger.

You may have found yourself a passenger in the baffled blogger boat on more than one occasion. You already know it’s generally recommended that you blog once a week. You dutifully set aside an hour or two every Tuesday to pump a few paragraphs out of your cluttered, overworked brain. You sit there, fingers poised in anticipation over the keyboard, glazed eyes staring blankly at an empty white document, and…nothing happens.

“Maybe I’m just not the blogging type,” you shrug. Don’t give up so easily!

Blogging is a fantastic way to connect with prospective clients, keep current customers and fans engaged, build a readership, promote your business, and maintain an online community of people with congruent interests.

Hopefully, the following will boost your inner writer ego and inspire that burgeoning blogger brain. Here, we’ve put together a list of useful tips, tricks, techniques, and ideas that will hopefully have you clacking away like a pro in no time.

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